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Lake Buchanan Fishing Guide  Service




Captain John Young

Captain John Young is one of the most respected captains on Lake Buchanan and the surrounding Highland Lakes. Capt. John is a full-time guide with almost 30 years of guiding experience. He holds a Master License from the U.S.C.G. with professional experience operating fishing vessels up to 92’ in length. To describe his passion for fishing as obsessed, would be an understatement. From the Tongue of the Ocean to the lake he calls home, there isn’t a fish who has not heard him yell his two favorite words, “Fish On”.

Striper Fishing

Fishing Styles For Stripers

Captain John Young uses various styles & techniques - depending on the season, weather conditions, temperatures etc... Here is a few of the styles: 

  • Live Bait - I use mostly live shad. When the water temperature gets a little warmer, we sometimes “Flat-line” in shallow water. Flat-lining is basically trolling live shad very slowly in shallow water.  This is only one of the many methods of fishing with live bait.

  • Cut Bait - Mostly dead cut up shad. We can catch stripers using this method  at certain times of the year. If we are in the right location on the lake this is one of the best methods to catch stripers, hybrid stripers, white bass and catfish – sometimes very big catfish.

  • Downriggers - Trolling jigs with trailing plastic tails. Control-depth fishing or downrigging is another method we use to catch stripers. Depending on the time of the year this method usually yields some of the largest fish of the year.

  • Jigging - Bouncing (jigging) spoons off the lake bottom. Usually during the colder months we will use jigging spoons to catch stripers instead of bait or lures. In fact if the conditions are right, jigging can catch more fish than any other means, if the conditions are right.

Lake Buchanan

Lake Buchanan is the 2nd largest of the Highland Lakes in Central Texas with a length of 30 miles and a width at the widest point of just under 5 miles and a shoreline of 124 miles. It is named for Representative James P. Buchanan (1867-1937). When it was built, 1938, Buchanan Dam was considered to be the longest multiple-arch dam in the U.S. with a length of just over two miles.

Lake Buchanan is located about 60 miles northwest of Austin and approximately 95 miles north of San Antonio. It is about 230 miles south of Dallas and Fort Worth and 230 miles west of Houston.

​Lake Buchanan is also known for its great sport fishing industry. Fishermen catch all types of fresh water fish including crappie, largemouth bass, catfish, hybrid bass, white bass, and stripers, with the stripers and hybrids being the biggest draw much of the year.

Inks Lake

Located just an hour’s drive from Austin, Inks Lake State Park has been a popular day trip and vacation getaway for locals wanting to escape into nature, since it first opened in 1950.

Offering wonderful potential for swimming, boating, fishing, and picnicking, much of the fun at the 1200-acre state park is centered around its lake, which is accessible all year round.

As the perfect place to get away from the pace of city life for a short while, this Texas state park is a stunning reminder of how beautiful the world is in places.

For those who want to take their time to really discover this for themselves, there are plenty of onsite, overnight accommodation options available.
The park is renowned for being an exceptional place to go fishing.

Anglers will find two fishing piers, as well as a boat ramp which they can fish from all year round, without requiring a license to do so.

However, as the lake is not fully enclosed with the park, you will need a fishing license should you decide to cast a line from a boat on the water.

Wherever you choose to fish, you should be able to snare plenty of bass, sunfish and catfish. You will also be able to make use of a fish cleaning station too.

Lake Buchanan

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Captain John Young - Lake Buchanan Fishing Guide Service

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14 lb striper

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14 lb striper

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12 lb striper

14 lb striper

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